Top Pet Oral Health Picks for 2012

Top Pet Oral Health Picks for 2012

Giving your pet the best in dental care can add years to your pet’s life and improve their overall quality of life. Great oral health has been linked to a long lifespan in pets and humans. With these pet oral health products, you can give your pet the best and help avoid dental disease! Since almost 70% of cats and 80% of dogs suffer from dental disease by the age of 3, at-home oral care is essential to keeping your pet healthy and happy!

#1. Kiss Your Pet Dental Spray

Kiss Your Pet dental spray is an all-natural, 100% organic formula that can be sprayed in your pet’s mouth daily to remove plaque and tartar buildup, prevent dental disease, and freshen your pet’s mouth. For fresher breath, sparkling teeth, and improved dental health, Kiss Your Pet is the perfect solution. When using the spray, you will immediately begin to notice that your pet’s breath is fresher. After a few weeks, you will notice that plaque and tartar buildup begins to dissolve and your pet’s teeth are whiter. This pet spray is gentle and effective and can be used every day to maintain proper at-home dental care. Visit official site → click here

#2. Greenies

Greenies come in all shapes and sizes so any dog can enjoy the flavor and many oral health benefits of these delicious treats. While your dog chews on these treats, plaque and tartar buildup is noticeably reduced. Greenies are veterinarian recommended and dog approved! High in protein and nutritionally complete, Greenies can help give your dog shining teeth and a fresher mouth! Visit official site → click here

#3. Nylabone Advanced Oral Care Dental Kit

Nylabone’s oral care kit contains everything you need to brush your dog’s teeth including toothbrush, pet toothpaste, and a rubber massager that reduces plaque and tartar buildup. To keep your dog’s mouth fresh and clean, simply brush their teeth once a week between applying a pet dental spray like Kiss Your Pet! Visit official site → click here

With these three products, you can maintain a great oral care program for your pets from an early age to prevent dental disease and maintain great overall health. By taking care of your pet’s teeth, you can ensure that your pet’s mouth is as healthy as possible so that you can avoid many of the conditions associated with dental disease like heart attack, stroke, and many other life-threatening illnesses. These products are making a world of difference to dogs and cats everywhere!

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Beware of Harmful Ingredients!

The FDA has received hundreds of complaints from pet owners and veterinarians over certain brands of Chinese-made pet products.

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