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internet marketing lifestyle motivation  Nicheology

In internet marketing, by Paul Evans

Like millions of others, I woke this morning with a list of “promises.”

Oh sure, some call them resolutions.

Resolutions are filled with too many mental loopholes. I don’t think people take them seriously. Actually, no need to think, the evidence is overwhelming.

For centuries this ancient practice has produced millions upon millions of… quitters.

Let’s take it a step farther.

If we got honest, really honest, we’d have to admit it creates a bunch of liars.

You know, people who make promises and then don’t keep them.

I think most of us are really great a keeping the promises we make other people. It’s just that most have a tough time keeping promises we make to ourselves. We think a self-promise isn’t as critical as an others promise.

If 2010 is going to be different. Then we’ve got to get as far away from the crowd of quitters and liars as possible. Separate yourself from the pack. And make sure you keep training yourself to keep your word to YOURSELF.

Listen, there are just a few of us. Which is great news. Failure is like the prison system… overcrowded. Success is wide open for business. Just step in.

What really makes me happy is being able to make more promises and keep more of them.

Here’s how I do it…

P.P.S. Special thanks to those who are keeping their word…

Chris is keeping his promises already. He started at Tuesday’s webinar, “By midway through the 2010 presentation I already had days 1-7 planned and goals set towards the 30 day goal. The 2010 presentation was simple common sense that just needed to kick me in the behind. So I will see you by the end of January with my first product up and running and look forward to sharing it with you.”

Patrick… “Great Webinar Last night! I enjoyed the Space Shuttle and other Aviation themes you utilized. I am a FAA rated Commercial Helicopter Instructor and Multi Engine Airplane pilot so anything aviation related is a hot button for me

Wanted to report in that my wife and I just finished up late last night launching our first Nicheology PLR / SimpleSixFigures business! We couldn’t have done it without your excellent materials and training!”

I’m going to publish more of Patrick’s thoughts next week. This guy is on fire. 2010 will be different for Patrick. For you too…

Closing the doors on RAW on Tuesday, 5 pm CST.

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Woke up today and cleared all the ‘how bad it was in 2009′ emails and facebook postings. Husband and I made a list of the good things of the last year and are working on the list of mutual and family goals.

I have almost finished two scripts for videos and figured out how i want to use them. thank you for such a helpful call!

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