Obesity Charts Graphs

Obesity Charts Graphs

Ensure Flab Riddance With Weight Loss Programs

The constantly rising graph Of Obesity in the United States has triggered the demand for weight loss programs. These programs are not always advised by healthcare centers. Nowadays, there is a growing awareness about the hazards of obesity, thus inspiring more and more people to take some novel steps towards losing weight.

Classification of Weight Loss Programs :

I. Do-It-Yourself Program: This program can be initiated with the support of like-minded people, groups, or communities. Those vying for a Do-It-Yourself program rely on their own judgment, group support, diet books or charts available in stores. However, one must be careful since all diet books do not offer genuine information on weight loss.

II. Non-clinical Program: This program may or may not be commercial-oriented. A number of these programs are circulated through privately-owned weight-loss chains, which use books and pamphlets prepared by healthcare providers. Non-clinical programs offer counselors (who may or may not be professional trainers) for advice.

III. Clinical Programs: These are generally commercial-oriented and licensed by health professionals like physicians, nutritionists, psychologists. Clinical programs are provided in health-care settings as hospitals. The program allows patients complete services on nutrition education, medical care, physical activity, and behavior change therapy.
Clinical programs also include other weight-loss methods:

i. Very low calorie diets
ii. Prescription drugs
iii. Bariatric Surgery

The selection of weight loss programs depends on individual choice. However, one must remember that mental preparation is highly essential prior to indulging in any sort of weight-reduction program. If an individual is not emotionally prepared to undergo a weight loss session, then things won’t work out well. In fact, lack of mental preparation or emotional stress often leads the patient to acquire more weight. That is why quality weight loss programs include psychological counseling to overcome emotional stress and enable the patient cope with his changed lifestyle.


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